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Isn't that a great ceiling? We were instantly escorted out of this building the second my camera flashed. I don't know what goes on inside, but they don't want any of you to know about it.


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The weather was incredibly temperamental during my stay. In California all of the news vans can be spotted alongside PCH the second a seventeenth of an inch is reported to have fallen. Look at this Chicago sky. There were tornados and I never once saw a TV station van. Well, maybe because of the tornados...

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Roof-top party picture. Aww. That's the Sears Tower in the background.



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The Chicago River from the point of view of a person who has been trampled by hordes of tourists.



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One of the many tunnels leading out to Wrigley Field.


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These are columns. Sometimes they are used to support structures. Sometimes they are just pretty.




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In Chicago you watch out for cars. You can duck and weave through traffic, because no one is going to stop for you. No one is going to slam on the brakes and cause a twenty car pile-up. I heart Chicago.



The Laguna Beach Fire

The aftereffects of the Laguna Beach Fire in 1993. It took out 16,684 acres and 318 homes. Don't toss cigarettes into canyons, people. Notice the one house left standing? It was the only new house that was built to be fire safe. Although, I think the owner still complains about the water damage he had to deal with...


Cute Factor

i know i'm fabulous

George taking his morning walk on the beach. He's dead now, but doesn't he look adorable?


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The Great Laguna Standoff. Simba -v- Gracie.

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George and Gracie taking time away from programming unabridged intuitive database software to reflect on their day.












San Francisco

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The Golden Gate Bridge, as seen from the frozen seas and windblown deck of a small craft that didn't listen to the advisory.

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Approaching Tiburon. It can be overcast and chilly by Alcatraz, but the people of Tiburon pay good money to keep the sun shining.


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It's always sunny on the Bay Bridge, which might be the reason they rank behind the Golden Gate in jumper statistics.


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My postcard photo of the day.



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The radio warned of a small craft advisory. I was sailing with two boys and boys don't know from small.




San Diego

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The boys like to sail their double-ender all over the world, not just from harbor to slip. Insane, isn't it? This was just off San Diego.


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Heading towards Point Loma.


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As we were going back to the dock, we came across a HUGE naval fancy-boy-name-for-a-boat. It was the size of Laguna Beach. There are all sorts of fancy-uniform-wearing-rubber-boat-driving men that steer you away from the vessel. That might be a terrorist thing or it might be a don't-get-run-over thing.

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I thought these boys had been on the ship for too long, based on the way they were lining up at every possible space in order to look at the city. Apparently, it's part of their job, even though I know they were thinking of strip clubs. Look at their posture.



Me. (The 60's were a crazy time...)

you're either born with great hair or you're not

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